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Accounts and basic FAQ

Anyone with a valid and working email can Request for and Offer Prayers. You only need to Register first. Please make sure that you have access to the email you are using because the system will send you a confirmation email.  Once you have confirmed your registration you may login to the site any time

Nope. Not a single cent.  All you need is a valid and working email.

No there is currently no limit on how many times you would request for prayers.  But due to the nature of the site, we reserve the right to censure and delete prayer requests and prayers that are contrary to the purpose and nature of this site.

No, there is currently no limit in offering prayers.  We welcome each and every valid and meaningful prayer from all prayer warriors.

Each “Prayer Warrior” account does not need to be renewed and shall be valid while this site is functional.

Each “Prayer Warrior” account is considered as an account of trust. We must all follow simple rules so that our prayers and intentions will not be disturbed. Please follow the basic tenets of a “Prayer Warrior” so as not to have your account deleted.

  1. A Prayer Warrior respects other Prayer Warriors, regardless of faith, this being said we do not allow attacks agains fellow Prayer Warriors.
  2. This site, may have juvenile members, so we would like for this to have a wholesome atmosphere. Prayer requests for winnings on gambling, wishing ill against other people are not allowed.
  3. Posting with hate and Swear Words.
  4. Creating of accounts for flooding prayers is not allowed.
  5. Posting of advertisements in any form whether in prayer request or prayers is not allowed.
  6. Prayer advise in prayers may be allowed, but members are always advised to seek the advise of your spiritual advisor due to the anonymity of person or persons giving advice.

For the above and any other infractions not indicated here, the Prayer Warrior in question shall be sent an email about their case. In grave cases, the email would just serve as a notice and termination may ensue.

Posting Request for Prayers

To login to the site, you need to have previously registered. If you have not yet registered, click on this link To get to the login screen: go to this link

On the login screen there is a “Register” and “Lost Password” Link.

Once you are logged-in you are automatically brought to the “dashboard”. Or if you some how get lost on the site, just click on “dashboard” link on


The links on the left column are described as follows:

Dashboard – that screen
Posts – where all your Public Prayer Requests are shown.
Edit Profile – where you can edit your email and password.
Prayer Request – the form to post your Public Prayer Requests.

The “Post”  Link just shows you what “Public  Prayer Requests” you have posted. Here you can also edit and delete your Prayer Request.
The “Prayer Requests” brings you to a form where you can actually post your Public Prayer Request. Don’t forget to enter or type in a title otherwise you may be able to edit your prayer request.
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