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deliverance prayer request

Prayer request for spiritual warfare. I need in the area of deliverance from demon as iam opressed by demons and would like this demons to be casted out. Sir iam Daniel Chandra from Fiji island and iam born again christian, evil spirits are monitoring me day and night and their purpose is my destruction, everyday i undergo physical torture and from last ten years iam hearing their voices day and night.
iam opressed by demons and would like this demons to be casted out. Please pray so that i can receive deliverance from these demonic evil spirits around me who torture me. They are not easy to be removed. They are monitoring me, what I pray, they comment on my prayers, they are seing me every second, they are hidden, I can only hear their voice 24/7 everyday, they also speak swear when i say JESUS and everyday they give me physical body pains.
in my opinion these blockages / the evil monitoring demonic spirits are from my ancestral spirits from and some past ancestors, I think fourth generation ago from my FATHERS HOUSE. his name was SHYAM SUNDAR and his father name was RAM AUTHAR. WE WERE PRAYING TO HINDU IDOLS BEFORE. DURING OUR PAST GENERATION/ OUR PARENTS OR THEIR PARENTS OR THEIR PARENTS,PARENTS WHILE PRAYING TO HINDU IDOLS SACRIFICED SOMETHING MAYBE ALCOHOL/PIG MEAT WITH IDOL HINDU GODS. That’s what I have heard, but then physical torture like twisting toes, giving pains in arms legs, gives lot of pain. Churches are praying for me from long time, but these evil spirits seem not to leave me easily, even I pray a lot.
Please if you have any suggestion, do email me, thank you.

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