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deliverance prayer request

Prayer request in the area of deliverance from demon as iam possessed by demons and cant remove it myself alone.Sir iam Daniel Chandra from Fiji islands.. Iam in debt Iam suffering, as well as my children, Akshat eleen anubhav chand and daughter Akiriti ashyleen ahana chand. Please pray so that we can receive deliverance from these demonic evil spirits around me who torture me. They are not easy to be removed. They are monitoring me, what I pray, they comment on my prayers, they are seing me every secondly, they are hidden, I can only hear their voice and and everyday they give me physical body pains,
deliverance from satanic, evil /monitoring spirits. they are demonic, evil, monitoring spirits, spirits who torment me physically, these spirits are not easy, to move, it started in year 2013See sir most of the dreams I see involve my family members, these spirits also, they are evil in nature, they are quite clever. my fathers name was Shyam Sundar who passed away, and mother was Puspha wati, these voice i started to hear just after my divorce, around 2013. they were very silent during our marriage, but once divorce has been done, then they appeared, then they started to torture me. .there are totally four voices that i hear,
1. my father-shyam sundar
2. my two cousins
3. one female voice that was of my previous wife now married and settled with another man in Auckland, New Zealand, however they can change their voices at any time, 24 hours they talk to me, and I can get mental illness like this also sir, Please hope you will help me, thank you.

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