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Resurrection of Love

In Christs name, we pray that Alex and Isabel reignite the thriving, powerful love that Yahweh seeded in them, so that their beautiful romance brings glory to God and is a vessel of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Thank You Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit and Beloved Christ for reviving Alex’s love, adoration, cherishing, choosing and claiming of Isabel so that they may have a marriage firmly planted in Your Grace and empowered by your blessings. By Your Will, may Alex fall deeply in love with Isabel again in a new and resurrected way, for You make all things new. Anoint Alex’s heart with the desire to claim, cherish and protect Isabel as he did in June 2023, and even moreso with renewed enthusiasm and commitment. You planted the most beautiful love between them and placed faith and knowing in their hearts that they would be married and have a family, and we trust that this is still Your Will for them.¬†Your promises always come to fruition. May the revival of their love be a testament to the strength and power of Your perfect Love. In the name of Yeshua we pray, Amen.

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